Social media in pharma

Recently I was invited to speak at the Pharma Social Media Conference in London. My presentation was focused on the need to be more transparent towards the general public. Traditionally pharma is focused on healthcare professionals and patients, but nowadays it’s all about the total healthcare community that also includes other stakeholders.

To my opinion, social media is an important tool to enter into dialogue. I presented how Roche Netherlands dealt with the internal and external challenges when setting up our social media channels and how they were integrated in the communication strategy.

Of course I also learned from the other speakers! From Karen Pinachyan, Head of Medical Affairs, at Boehringer Ingelheim I learned that Twitter is a very useful tool to learn science, stay updated, get to know people and stay connected with experts in the field. He uses Twitter for continuous medical education and customer engagement. Very interesting.

Major challenge in medical education is the rapid expansion of medical knowledge. Virtual Reality can help the healthcare professional to learn faster and better. Rui Lopes from Biogen Portugal demonstrated how they collaborate with Body Interact in clinical education. Health Care Professionals can practice their skills on an interactive table and have high-level clinical discussions together. The program offers an extensive library of expert reviewed clinical scenarios. Really fascinating.

Pfizer France presented a case about Upjohn. A healthy aging platform to involve healthcare professionals in this important social theme asone out of three French persons is over 65. The team started with social listening before the content was created, like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and videos. In my opinion it is very important to show corporate responsibility as a pharmaceutical company. Social media contribute to transparency.


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