Management of Change: Inter-Human Processes and Communication

Prof. dr. Noelle Aarts of the Sub-department Communication Science of Wageningen University has asked Celia Noordegraaf to give a lecture on April 5 in the course Management of Change: Inter-Human Processes and Communication. Starting from daily practices different conceptualizations of change will be explored during the course, focusing on inter-human processes and communications that are involved. How people actually communicate when they are confronted with new developments? People and organizations are continuously confronted with changes that in most cases are not initiated by themselves. A great adaptability is needed. Which role the communications department can play to connect external and internal developments? Which tools can be used?

Modern health care organizations pass through a lot of changes. Dr. Google creates well informed patients, who want to participate in their own treatment. Patient empowerment asks a different attitude from health care workers. Celia Noordegraaf shows what kind of interventions the Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis in ‘s-Hertogenbosch uses to stimulate a patient centered behavior. Simulations of real-world events and a social intranet are helpful. A lot of creativity is needed for an effective, low budget approach. Connecting is the main goal.

Hospitals for instance need to change from an East-European planned economy in an enterprising organization, partly submitted to the laws of a free market. By connecting doctors and health care managers to the – local – business community the communications department stimulates cross-fertilization. Read more on

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