Facing other realities

Communication has a crucial role to play in the corporate world. As the complexities of activities increase, it’s more important to leverage technology advancement in corporate communications and build strategies that cut through information overload. With the amount of disruptions communication professionals face every day, there’s a need to balance delivering business objectives and sustainability.

The 4th Communications & PR Summit, scheduled for October 9-10, 2019, in Düsseldorf, Germany, will enable participants to strengthen their skills by learning from leading experts, who will share practical ideas and techniques that will help you succeed. The conference  will cover topics ranging from branding and reputation management, PR and media relations, measurability of KPIs and ROI, and employee engagement. It will also address current trends in AI, mobility, and video.

My presentation will stress the importance of interaction & dialogue. More and more corporate communications most important role is connecting different stakeholders. Especially when your organisation or your sector meets negative perceptions, it’s important to be open and transparent. It’s too easy to stay in your own bubble not facing other perspectives. In Dutch we know a saying that literally says ‘if you get shaved, you have to sit still’. In other words ‘don’t speak  if you are critizised’. To my opinion you do better speaking up, expressing your view, explaining what you are doing, showing empathy for the concerns of others, looking for win-win situations, seeking for collaboration opportunities.

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